Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beauty of Nature

A breath of fresh air,
As sunlight reflects on gleaming blue waters so fair.
Where mountains meet as the golden star sets,
O such wonderful scenery one mustn't forget.

Along the path where the river divides,
Such spectacular view of the ocean incessantly wide.
Forth daffodil fields of familiar scent anew,
As baby's breath refreshed with droplets of morn's dew.

Out on the plain, cumulus clouds blanket the sky,
Hereafter downpour, a rainbow emerges before your eyes.
A handful of earth consists of aesthetically precious ore,
The intrinsic values of which became obvious lore.

You glance as you stroll down the trail ahead,
The comeliness of such creation is something to be said.
Appreciate the moment we have surreal,
Tis the beauty of nature makes you feel.

~Misilla de la Llana

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